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“Would you like an adventure now or should we have tea first?” 

-The Mad Hatter, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland 

Welcome to me, Dee, “spilling the tea” on tea!  Jokes aside, I look forward to waking up so that I can have my tea.  I used to be a coffee drinker and a pretty heavy one, a bit too heavy.  Working in a lab all day with a free coffee machine I would put a lot of the blame there to why coffee was then my preference.  I just enjoyed the taste so much, and with all the hours I would put in in the lab, I needed the caffeine.  It wasn’t until I started feeling something a little concerning in my chest.  My heart would feel like it was racing, beating out of my chest, with such a pain that (at times) I’d find myself gripping my chest, kneeling downwards till it stopped.  Then I did the math on how much coffee I had been consuming, it was well over 12 cups a day!  I was for certain consuming too much caffeine.  So I cold turkey, quit my coffee fix, and started looking into a healthier alternative, dissecting why I was consuming so much.

Other than the addictive compounds of caffeine, I found that the taste as well as drinking something hot were other added addictive qualities, it was just soothing to me all the way around.  So in trying to compliment those feelings, I began my switch over to tea.  Already, being the herbalist that I am, the switch over was easy!  The taste factors were a peace of cake and I found there to be way more options on my loose leaf blends that would able me to switch up my pallet here and there, as well as providing soothing night time combinations that would aid in my sleep. The first recipe I will share with you is one of my top faves as it provides relief in a number of areas that I needed that coffee helped zero with.  First, lets go over the hot tea recipe as well as the benefits of drinking hot water.

Drinking hot water has a list of benefits to the body of replenishing fluids, relieving congestion, improving digestion, as well as making you feel more relaxed.  Most holistic health experts, and practitioners, drink hot water first thing in the morning as well as at night before bed for optimal health benefits. The hot water should not be hot enough to scald your tongue and taste buds, however keeping the temperature between 120-140 degrees F, and adding a twist of lemon for a vitamin C boost will put you on the way to better overall health.  Here is a list of top ten benefits of drinking hot water.

  1. Keeps You Hydrated: The most common recommendation of drinking water from health authorities is that an adult should consume eight 8-ounce glasses (about 2 liters or a (half gallon (64 ounces)) of water per day.  Drinking hot water is no different than drinking ice water as well as room temperature in keeping you hydrated, so starting and ending your day with a serving of hot water will get you to that target of being adequately hydrated. 
  2. Improves Digestion: Drinking hot water activates and soothes the digestive tract.  Water is the lubricant that keeps your body hydrated and digestion going. With water moving through your stomach and intestines, or digestive organs are better hydrates allowing them to better eliminate waste.
  3. Relieves Constipation: Prevention is better than a cure, so drinking hot water regularly helps keep you, well... regular.  Consuming hot water allows your intestines to contract which helps old waste trapped in your body able to pass. 
  4. Relieves Nasal Congestion: Hot water creates steam.  Inhaling deeply these gentle vapors while holding your cup of hot water can loosen clogged sinuses and also relieve a sinus headache. 
  5. Calms Central Nervous System: When our nervous system is calmed and lubricated it is primed for healthy and controlled reactions, causing fewer aches and pains, as well as lowering ones anxiety throughout the day.  A person whom suffers from arthritis (like myself) may get extra benefits from drinking hot water to calm their nervous system.
  6. Decreases Stress Levels: Since drinking hot water calms the nervous system, lowering ones anxiety, stress levels may then be decreased.  
  7. Improves Circulation: Affecting everything from your blood pressure to risk in cardiovascular disease is a healthy blood flow.  Taking a hot bath helps circulate your organs, your arteries and veins, to expand and carry blood throughout your body more effectively.  Drinking hot water causes the similar effect internally. 
  8. Weight Loss: As we learned earlier on consuming hot water helps your intestines to contract to remove trapped waste products that are bloating your body, hot water aids in getting rid of “water weight”.  It wakes up your body’s temperature control system.  As our bodies adjust to the warm water we are consuming, it brings are internal temperature down which activates our metabolism. 
  9. Reduces Toxins: Both drinking hot water as well as taking a hot bath, temporarily begins to raise your body’s internal temperature, which activates your body’s endocrine system causing you to sweat.  Sweating is an essential part of how our bodies get rid of toxins and irritants that we’re exposed to in our environment. 
  10. Relieves Symptoms of Achalasia & Dysphagia: There is a condition that some people have, called Achalasia, which is when your esophagus has difficulties moving food down to your stomach.  People with achalasia, or eosinophilic esophagitis, have difficulties swallowing as well as at times, the food will get “stuck”, or Dysphagia, in their esophagus instead of moving to the stomach. Drinking hot water might be very helpful to ones suffering these conditions. 

Pay attention to the temperature of the water you are consuming, because while drinking hot water has many benefits, drinking it too hot has risks.  Drinking water that is too hot, say 150°F (65°C) or more, can actually damage the tissue in your esophagus, burn your tastebuds and scald your tongue.  So, pay attention to the temperature of your water before consuming. 


PREP : 2 minutes

HAPPY : 5 minutes

DOSES : 1-3


1 1/2 teaspoons loose tea leaves (per 8 oz cup): equal blend of cats claw, mugwort, mandrake, green tea

0.35 grams ground psilocybin (1 full micro-dose serving per 8 oz cup)

1 tsp of Edible Dee's cannabis infused Agave

8 ounces water

squeeze of fresh lemon (per 8 oz cup)

honey to taste (optional; per 8 oz cup)


  1. Place loose tea leaves into a French Press.
  2. Bring 8 ounces of water to just shy of boiling.  Pour hot water into the press over the tea leaves.
  3. Put the plunger into the top to the water level. 
  4. Steep for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Press plunger down to filter tea being careful not to press tea leaves (it makes it bitter).  
  6. Pour your filtered tea into a cup. Add honey for a natural sweetener to taste.
  7. If wanting to enjoy a second cup within an hour just leave the wet tea leaves in the bottom of the press and re-use them with the same steep time.  Many tea drinkers believe the 2nd and 3rd pours off the same leaves yield better flavors, as well as you are having zero waste of the medicinal benefits of the tea leaves, and are not over consuming caffeine. That’s a Win, Win, Win!

#HappyFact : Cats Clawis a powerful herb that has many benefits, mainly used as an aid to arthritis, as well as a large list ranging from Alzheimer disease, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diarrhea, Hay fever, Parasites, Shingles, Stomach ulcers, and Swelling (inflammation) in colon, diverticulitis, gastritis, and other conditions.  Cat’s claw does have effects on certain medicines one may be taking so be sure to do your research here also precautions and warnings should be taken for those whom are pregnant, breast feeding, auto-immune diseases, leukemia, and low blood pressure.  Do your research before consuming cats claw.

#HappyFact 2 :Mugwortmay be used for stomach and intestinal conditions, as a energy boost, irregular periods, scarring, epilepsy, anxiety, constipation, high blood pressure, depression, and other conditions. Be sure to do your own research on mugwort before adding it to a daily regimen.

#HappyFact 3 : Mandrake, European Mandrake root may be used in the treatment of stomach ulcers, asthma, hay fever, convulsions, arthritis, as well as is used for sedation, reduce pain, and increase interest in sexual activity. 

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