LEVO II - Edible Dee Review

 Hi there my Happy Chefs!

Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful machine that has filled me with so much *infusiam* - the LEVO II.

I had seen this machine pop up on my Instagram from different friends of mine; so me being the Happy Chef that I am, I decided to give it a whirl.  

Rather you are a chef de cuisine or a home cook; this machine adds a special herbal and medicinal infusion that adds that special ingredient to your creations. You do not need to be a trained chef, beautician, or chemist with the ease that LEVO brings to your kitchen. And from salad dressings to topical salves, there is no limit to what you can create! So let's get Cooking!


The LEVO II has an easy-open top where you add in your oils (fats) and herbs.  After you add your desired increments, you have a precise temperature sensor that allows you to infuse your oils whiles activating the medicinal compounds in your herbal blends. 

It has a digital display screen, which shows the temperature and the time allotted of the infusion time set to the weight of your oils.  Having customizable infusion settings and dry and active cycles; the mess-free dispensing pours your infused oil for easy storing - or just add it immediately to your recipes.  The first recipe(s) I chose to break in this bad boy is a line of Salves I was designing for a topical brand out here in Las Vegas. 

R&D with LEVO

The LEVO II comes in 5 eye catching speak colors (of black, red, coral, yellow and white) that are sure to liven any kitchen.  I chose the white model as it fit best with the color schemes of my kitchen.


My first batch was with a base fat of fractionated coconut oil and infused yarrow leaf and cats claw. I am a sufferer of arthritis as well as carpal tunnel in my hands.  Both yarrow and cats claw are excellent for inflammation and a natural pain relief that aids me in the times of my flare ups, which are quite often; so this baby will be getting some massive use. 

I placed 3 oz of fractionated coconut oil with 5 grams of yarrow and cats claw to the top in there designated compartments.  Set the temperature to 165 F (73 C) for 40 minutes, pressed the infuse button and PRESTO - we have action! 

I ended up making a few different versions and consistencies with the infused coconut oil.  All of them ended up simply lovely.  


fractioned coconut oil  3 oz
yarrow leaf  5 g
cats claw 5 g
beeswax 1 oz
*essential oils of choice*


Infuse the yarrow leaf and cats claw in LEVO II (as suggested above) at 165 F (73 C) for 40 minutes.  

Next, using the double boiler method, melt in the beeswax with your infused coconut oil.

Remove from heat, and stir in your desired essential oils.

Pour in desired storage containers.

Store at room temperature. 

Salve I : 
Added essential oils of jasmine and eucalyptus. 

Salve II :
Added rosehip oil, frankincense, cedar wood, sandal wood, and amber.  

Salve III :
Added lavender essential oil with added lavender petals on top to make it more esthetically pleasing. Beautiful.


I was so happy with the finished product of my first r&d with these recipes and the LEVO II.  It was a happy addition to my kitchen and looking forward to all that I will be creating next. 

Have you tried LEVO II ? Comment below your experience to share with others.

If you haven't - check out there website for all the colors and attachments and give her a try.  I guarantee it will not disappoint. (-:


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