I apologize for interrupting your feeds of memes, promotions, ads and videos of whatever someone had to eat today for this post.  I am a private person when it comes to my loved ones, But this is something very personal that i felt compelled to share bc maybe it will help someone or multiple someone’s  out there.

My brother Jason; is damn near, if not, a spartan warrior.  He  is 6’2 , eats healthy, works out , 2x black belt, surfs - not just for him, but for his work.  Part of his job is working with FEMA helping those and working during and through natural disasters.  He is top notch a healthy man, and a GOOD MAN, and he always has been since we were kids. My protector. ♥️

My brother had been complaining the last 8 months about getting massive headaches- and frequently (he never had them before), this also doesn’t run in the family…

Two weeks ago, my brother collapsed to the ground convulsing.  He is, and has been since been in a coma; they found 25 blood clots in his brain (yes, no mistype - 25 blood clots) 1 being at the brain stem- which is inoperable…he is on life support and has been since he entered ICU…he hasn’t woking up (yet). 

My family and I are remaining positive. 

The reason I’m sharing this to you all is ;PLEASE IF YOU TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS.  If you or a loved one has/is having a lot of headaches- DO NOT HESITATE- GO TO DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY and get an MRI. 👈👈👈👈🙏♥️ Please spread this to anyone you may know.  My soul has been in constant pain since and I don’t wish this to anyone.  Hold your loved ones close; kiss, love, hug and spend as much time with them as you can. And please send tons of healing energy to my brother Jason. #TeAmo ~ ♥️ Edi

Mi Familia <3

The Men In My Life. <3
Father y Brother

Mi Hermano es SPARTA!

Jason taught me to bring the Lara Croft out in me! <3

Like Brother, Like Sister with Tequila! 


#WakeUpJason <3



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